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People use training as a way to pass on knowledge and information. The way people are trained determines how much productivity they are going to produce. People who are trained well tend to exceed well at what they do while those who are trained poorly are lacking. To prepare those future trainers of new employees or entrepenures we introduce our Train the Trainer Workshop which builds on the skills of those trainers and improve on them. Learn the basics of how other people learn, what to do in a specific situation and when to really push those persons who are not very motivated. Enroll in the Train the Trainer Workshop today and discover the power of learning and use it on others!

Available Formats for Employees and Managers

At your location in any US City, 10.00AM to 5.00PM with one hour lunch break.

$999 + Sales Tax per participant for a one day workshop(Minimum 8 Participants)
$1799 + Sales Tax per participant for a two day workshop(Minimum 6 participants)
$2499 + Sales Tax per participant for a three day workshop(Minimum 6 participants)

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At your location anywhere in USA

$4000 + Sales Tax for a 90 minutes presentation on any Soft Skill Topic.(upto 50 participants)
$6000 + Sales Tax for a half-day seminar on any Soft Skill Topic.(upto 50 participants)
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Prices on request against specific requirements. Please email to: support@firstchoiceamerica.net

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Payment can be made as follows:
    - Pay online through the secure online paypal link provided.
    - Organizations wishing to pay thru Visa/Mastercard/Amex can call us at 425- 242-8626 OR 647-430-7478

For any enquiry please call us at 425-242-8626 OR-647-430-7478 or email us at: support@firstchoiceamerica.net

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