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Calming Upset Customers

Calming upset customers can be a most daunting task. It involves listening to what they are saying, relating to them, appeasing them and sometimes restraining yourself. Those who work in the public sector know all about angry customers and how hard it is not to get upset at them. But not too many people can effectively calm down an angry, upset, and at times, unruly customer. This is because a truly upset customer is something that does not occur much. It is only when the customer starts yelling that those people who have to deal with said customer have practice. In the business world, that would be taking a huge risk for the company. What if the customer uses negative action against an upset customer? What if the customer uses negative word-of-mouth to give the company a bad name? To avoid these unnecessary risks, Key2Careers has created the Calming Upset Customers Workshop which will help those enrolled deal with situations like angry and upset customers. See that you should never have to deal with upset customers inefficiently again. Enroll today!

At your location in any US City, 10.00AM to 5.00PM with one hour lunch break
  • $999 + Sales Tax per participant for a one day workshop (Minimum 8 participants)
  • $1799 + Sales Tax per participant for a two day workshop (Minimum 6 participants)
  • $2499 + Sales Tax per participant for a three day workshop (Minimum 6 participants)

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  • $4000 + Sales Tax for a 90 minutes presentation on any Soft Skill Topic. (upto 50 participants)
  • $6000 + Sales Tax for a half-day seminar on any Soft Skill Topic. (upto 50 participants)

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